Information About the Drug Abuse Prevention Center

The History of the Establishment of the Drug Abuse Prevention Center

 The Drug Abuse Prevention Center ( a juridical foundation, hereinafter called the "Center") was established on June 1, 1987, after receiving the approval of the Japanese Cabinet on January 23, 1987.

 Drug abuse problems in Japan were first noted back in 1945-1955 with the abuse of a stimulant called Philopon ( the trade name for an amphetamine ). In the period from 1955-1965, the abuse of heroin ( a kind of narcotic ) was observed. Then, the abuse of stimulants was again detected beginning around 1970. This trend of stimulant abuse has continued as a serious problem up to the present, and it does not show any sign of abating.

 In response to international efforts for the eradication of drug abuse, the prevention of drug abuse requires not only the reinforcement of conventional law enforcement activities against illegal trafficking, but also the intensification and promotion of prevention and awareness campaign. Therefor, a non-governmental organization ( the Center ) was established to encourage drug abuse prevention activities within both the public and private sectors.